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Injured in a slip, trip, or fall?

Local authorities, businesses, and employers have a duty of care to minimise risks and hazards. We can help you understand whether you're entitled to compensation, and if so, how much.

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Slip Trip and Fall Claims Specialists

Slips and trips can cause serious injuries, making up more than half of all major injuries in 2010/11, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

If you've been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, they should be held accountable, and this is where slip and trip claims come in.

Slip and Trip Accident Helpline is the specialist slips and trips service, provided by National Accident Helpline - the UK's leading name in personal injury claims, established in 1993. We've used our 20 years of experience to give you all the information and guidance you need.

If you'd like to ask a question or you're ready to make a claim, contact one of our friendly advisors today.

Can I make a slip and trip claim?

We understand you may be unsure about whether or not you're eligible to claim compensation, and if it's worthwhile to do so. An important part of our service is helping people understand their legal rights and how much compensation they could be entitled to after slips and trips.

Businesses, employers and local authorities all have a duty of care and should carry out regular risk assessments to identify possible slip and trip hazards in the office, other workplaces or public areas. If this duty of care is breached and you're injured as a result, you can claim compensation for your injuries and any money you've lost as a result of being injured.

To be eligible to claim compensation for slips and trips, you must have been to see a medical professional about your injury, and the accident that caused your injury must have taken place within the last three years (the sooner you make your claim the better).

How making a claim can help

The compensation you receive as a result of making slip and trip claims will include any money you've paid for medical treatment or physiotherapy, as well as any wages lost through having to take time off work to recover.

We're committed to improving health and safety standards and preventing accidents wherever possible. As well as helping you recover from your injuries, slip and trip claims can help draw attention to the cause of your injury, helping to rectify the hazard before someone else gets injured.

If you have any questions about whether or not you can make a claim, please give one of our friendly advisors a call, or use Live Chat to get the answers you need without picking up the phone.        

How much compensation am I entitled to?

The amount of compensation awarded in slip and trip claims depends, among other things, on the severity of the injury sustained, and therefore varies from one case to the next.

Use our interactive claims calculator to get an idea of how much your claim could be worth, or call one of our friendly advisors to find out more. The call is free and you won't be put under any pressure to make a claim.

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Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

If you've been injured in a fall that wasn't your fault, claiming compensation can help you get back on your feet financially.


Joan, Leeds, was awarded £12925

Out shopping one day my foot went into a hole in the kerb and I was suddenly flat on the pavement... I wanted to bring it to the Council's attention and get something done.


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  • Minor Head Injuries £1450 - £8400
  • Whiplash (moderate) £5150 - £16400
  • Hip or Pelvis Injuries £2600 - £86000
  • Serious foot injuries £16400 - £25750
  • Simple arm fractures £4350 - £12600
  • Upper body injuries £2200 - £111000

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